Our beliefs and aspirations

The following are what we aspire to do.  When we fail, we repent.  We know we are on a journey.

  • We are called to be in a relationship with Jesus and so we follow Him.
  •   We see each person (including ourselves) as a child of God with unsurpassable worth and we treat them (and ourselves)  as such.
  •   We follow Jesus teachings of non-violent resistance to violence, and overcome evil with good.
  •   We love God , people and the whole creation with all of our hearts, minds and souls.
  •   We build trust by keeping our commitments large and small and if we fail, we ask for forgiveness.
  •   We believe that the Kingdom of God is that which we can help bring about in the here and now.  We work together to that end.
  •   When conflicts arise, we find creative, loving ways to work them out.  If people are not willing, we pray for eventual reconciliation.
  •    God gives us free will and that is why evil results in the world.  Using prayer and actions we can be co-workers with God so that his perfect will can be done.
  • We agree to disagree about our interpretation and beliefs about the Bible. The bible is a very complicated compilation of writings that we use as a guide book for our life. It is really hard to understand sometimes, so we agree to disagree about our interpretation, and we don’t condemn anyone for differing beliefs about the bible.
  • Many of us align with most or all of the ReKnew Manifesto http://reknew.org/ inspired by Greg Boyd and his co-workers.






















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