Supporting evangelical churches in becoming peace churches

I sense that the purpose of this community is going to be to support evangelical churches to wake up to Jesus clear teaching on non-violence.  I am thinking about starting a group called Evangelicals for Peace Alliance, or Evangelical Peace Church Alliance.

I am going to present this idea to my family because if we can all use our talents to support such a project and be financially supported, I am hoping that this will be a project we can all undertake.
I am in awe of how God is directing me to narrow down my vision of a community that has all kinds of businesses similar to East Wind Community into a project driven community where we have a specific goal–to help spread the message of peace through the evangelical churches.

With two powerful pastors, Bruxy Cavey and Greg Boyd, along with their respective churches leading the way by their example, I think there is enough validity to start this Evangelical Peace Church Alliance.

I am delighted to say that Bruxy Cavey’s assistant called me on Thanksgiving eve to respond to my email to Bruxy.  She is going to put me in touch with some people who really like to reach out to others outside their geographical area.  I am stoked!  We only talked about five minutes because both of us had time constraints. Yet I felt like I knew her as a Christian sister immediately.

When people like Bruxy can afford to have an assistant, then they can be better able to reach out and fan the flames of passion that are out there in people.  I want to have a small group of people including my family who are ready to fan the flames, plant seeds, be an example of community, and who can help a critical mass of people wake up to the fact that non-violence as a way of reacting to violence is not only Jesus clear teaching, but the only way we are going to survive on this planet.
I have been allowing myself to grieve over the pain of others who are suffering from the effects of war. I have done this more in the past, but I shut down this intercessory part of my self because I felt helpless. I wanted to do more than cry and cry out to God and pray. I wanted to do something. But in my busy-ness as well as being drawn by other needs like global warming or helping my church carry out the Great Commission I lost touch with the basic message of Jesus.

So now every  morning I wake up with new inspiration which comes from hearing Jesus teachings as shared by Bruxy and Greg.  I have time to listen to them because they are both on podcasts and easily accessible so I can get my chores done. Otherwise I would not be experiencing all this wonderful inspiration.

I feel closer to God and Jesus than I ever have before, and I really want to be like Christ. Oh, so much to share–but I am now going to a Thanksgiving gathering at church and I am looking forward to having conversations about my new insights about Jesus. Yes, they will be peaceful conversations–I am committed to that.




Goal: to inspire pastors and church leaders to become pacifists

First I had better define a pacifist:

“opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes; specifically: refusal to bear arms on moral or religious grounds” And here is the Wikipedia definition:

I have been opposed to violence even before I gave my life to Christ eleven years ago at age forty seven in 2001.  Yet when I decided to dedicate my life to following Christ, I did not focus on this aspect of his teaching as much as I could have. The wonderful people who inspired me with their love and acceptance to surrender my life to Jesus were not so concerned about this topic, and I didn’t want to make waves.

But recently I discovered two evangelical mega churches that are peace churches–The Meeting House and Woodland Hills Church.  The teaching pastors of these wonderful churches –Bruxy Cavey and Greg Boyd have so clearly and beautifully explained both the importance of and the logic of Jesus teachings of non-violence.  They, more than any other teachers I have experienced, have helped me realize that as long as the majority of churches support war and violence as solutions, non-Christians will not be inspired to give their lives to Christ, and many Christians will continue to be just “pew warmers”.

I have a passion to share the gospel with people. Yet most of my friends are not interested because they do not see the fruit of many Christians making a difference in stopping the horrible violence that is happening. Why should they even listen to Christians when so many don’t follow the teachings of Jesus?  I sure can understand this reasoning.

And so I pray that my family and others might join together to figure out ways to inspire pastors and church  leaders to read books such as Myth of a Christian Nation by Greg Boyd and to start thinking about God in another way as this video shows

I really believe that Christians leaders are ready to hear Greg’s message and share it with their congregations.  Greg Boyd has been called one of the twenty most influential Christian scholars. Even though 1000 people left his church of 5000 when he preached a series of sermons on non-violence, Woodland Hills Church continues to thrive.

I want to be part of a community of people who share this message effectively.  I am diving into the teachings of Greg Boyd which I continue to find to be in alignment with scripture and yet prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus calls us to be pacifists.