Mahriyanna’s account of Fun Fellowship and Service praying for the unborn and serving the orphans

I participated in some meaningful times of service this last weekend. From the unborn to the orphans, I felt privileged to serve those in need, and to do so alongside my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.
On Saturday I had the opportunity to help package meals for orphaned children. The event was held at the Assembly of God in Huntsville, AR. The church’s entire gym was packed with volunteer groups from different churches that came to help. Each group of volunteers hosted a table, and, at that table, formed an assembly line of volunteers who worked together to transform boxes of bulk food into neatly packaged and sealed meals. Through a united effort, all of the volunteers packed 39,000 meals in 2 hours.
This was a fun and rewarding activity, and I’m so glad I got involved. Not only did I have the privilege to serve those in need, but I got to serve alongside some awesome friends in the process!
The following day, Sunday, I  participated in a peaceful prayer and worship vigil for life. During the morning to mid afternoon shift, the group consisted 8 of FFS and AHOP members. We had a powerful time of prayer and worship, interceding in love for the deliverance of the unborn, the struggles of their mothers and fathers in the difficult situations they face, the emotional  healing of post abortive women, the promotion of pregnancy centers and adoption agencies, and many other abortion-related issues. Toward the  late afternoon, our group was nearly tripled by the arrival of a group of more FFS members. During a short time of overlapping shifts, we had a presence of 21 people standing vigil in front of Planned Parenthood, holding signs with messages such as “Pray To End Abortion,” Before I Formed You In Your Mother’s Womb, I Knew You. -God,” and ” Pregnant? Need Help? txt: ‘Pregnant’ to 313131.” As the evening drew to a close, we gathered one last time in prayer for the unborn. After the 12 hour vigil ended, our group headed to the bowling alley, continuing our time of fun and fellowship, with memories of service fresh in our minds and hearts.
In anticipation of this vigil, I was slightly anxious, concerned that spending most of the day praying outside of an abortion clinic would be taxing. However, the time that I dedicated turned out to be more rewarding then I possibly could have imagined. The presence of friends and family, the common purpose that I shared with them, and the presence of God that bound us together in unity filled me with joy!
I think one of the sign messages that was displayed in front of Planned Parenthood sums up the theme of the experiences I described above. The sign read “Love all Life, Born And Unborn.” This message is what my weekend was about; it was about loving the orphans by helping to supply their needs, it was about loving the unborn and all of those involved in abortion–including the abortionists themselves–by praying for God’s love to deliver them, and it was about loving my brothers and sisters in Christ by partnering with them in service to God.

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