We are community!

The best thing about going out and visiting other communities was to learn that Cliff, Robert, Mahriyanna, Chris and I can start structuring ourselves like other communities are structured.  In fact, all of the communities I visited have gone through many re-structuring times.  They say that this process was how they were able to survive and thrive.

I feel so grateful because I can take everything I learned and apply it to our community. For example, two of the communities have women directors.  I decided I am going to apply for this job–director of Wellspring Community.  This does not mean that I am the boss. It merely means that since I have a gift of administration, this is a good role for me.  By having this role, I a more clear about where I need to focus my energy.

I will be talking to my community about this idea.  I am looking forward to the conversation.


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