My new approach to blogging–how it relates to Wellspring Community

After reading the time management article that I listed in my  previous post I realized that I was not making the best use of my free time on this trip.  I thought my purpose was to document what I was doing and what I was learning. I didn’t want to have too strict of an agenda, partly because before I left my schedule was so crazy busy that I did not want any “shoulds.”

Now, after being gone for about ten days, I realize that I want to start using my time to figure out how I can best proceed on helping Wellspring Community get off the ground.

I’ve heard the analogy that it takes 80% of the energy of a rocket to get off the ground, and once it is in the air it takes much less effort/fuel  Although community is always going to be hard work,  getting it started takes a lot of the effort.

I am realizing that my dream of having clear structure and vision so that people can come into our community in healthy ways is very important.  The communities I have been visiting, will visit, and am reading about (there is a large selection of books on intentional Christian communities here at Plow Creek) seem to have a similar pattern which has resulted in conflict.  But I am glad to see that they are learning lessons that lead me to believe that I have been on the right track all along.  I can learn from their mistakes.  Clear structure and vision will be a helpful thing for

The ingredient that has been most important for the longevity of the communities I have visited so far is members wanting passionately to follow Jesus teachings, including his teachings of non-violence and having a shared purse. The shared purse is a deeper concept than I realized before visiting these sister communities, and I am eager to study more in a book given to me by Reba Place Fellowship long term member Virgil Vogt.

My stories of community will now have the focus of how this relates to Wellspring.  That feels good:) 


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